8:40-11:00 am

Led by Staff

Main Building Classroom 2

Pre-K3 & Pre-K4

8:40-11:00 am

Led by Margolit Goldkin

Main Building ECC Classroom 


8:40-11:00 am

Led by Tehila Wende

              & Avigayil Safier  

Main Building Classroom 1

1st & 2nd Boys & Girls 

8:40-11:00 am

Led by Atara Harris

Annex Classroom 4

3rd & 4th Boys 

8:40-11:00 am

Led by Chaver Ari Rashkin 

Annex Classroom 3


3rd & 4th Girls

8:40-11:00 am

Led by Adina Steiner 

Annex Classroom 1

5th - 6th Boys 

9:45-10:45 am

Led by Rabbi Yakov Gelb

Annex Main Room

5th - 6th Girls  

10:15-10:45 am

Led by Elana Kahane

Annex Beis Midrash

Welcome to the
Young Israel of Memphis


Rabbi Akiva Males, Rabbi 
Jonathan Wogan, President
Eileen Segal, Executive Director

Parshas Behar

Shabbos Youth Programming 

Rabbi Yaakov Gelb, Youth Director 


sponsored by rachel & Steven Schwartzberg 

Shabbos Family Learning & Parsha in the Park

kahane sanctuary 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm, followed by popsicles on the playground 

Pre-Mincha Shiur


kahane sanctuary 7:00 pm

given by Rabbi Males "parshas behar with rav chaim kanievsky"

shalosh seudos

sponsored by Natalie Sukhodolsky, Tzipporah & Uri Sukhodolsky, Jessica & Alex Sukhodolsky and their families in honor of Jacob Sukhodolsky’s 70th Birthday and Mazal Tov on Jacob becoming an Honorary Professor Emeritus at St Louis University.

Upcoming Events

may 16 - memphis kollel gala breakfast & shiur given r. yaakov gelb

may 31 - young israel women's circle diy floral napkin rings

june 4 - young israel's annual graduation Kiddush

shavous 5782 - young israel's annual siyum on shisha sidrei mishnah 

june 12 - young israel's annual meeting & election of officers




Candle Lighting & Mincha    7:00 pm

          shacharis                  8:45 AM

          mincha gedolah   2:30 PM

          mincha                       7:30 PM

          maariv                        8:47 pm

          havdalah                  8:52 pm