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Welcome to the
Young Israel of Memphis


Rabbi Akiva Males, Rabbi 
Steven Schwartzberg, President
Sarah Bauer, Executive Director

Pesach 5784/2024

          Sunday - april 28

          candle lighting                7:00 pm
          mincha                                    7:00 pm

          maariv                                     7:35 PM


          Monday - April 29

          shacharis                              8:45 am

          mincha                                   7:30 pm

          maariv                                    7:55 pm


              Tuesday - April 30

          shacharis                              8:45 am

          yizkor (not before)         10:15 AM

           mincha                                   7:15 pm

          maariv                                    8:28 pm

          Havdala                                 8:33 pm         

Yom Tov Shiurim & Drashos

in the Kahane Sanctuary 


sunday, April 28 Pre-Maariv Dvar Torah

by yitzi ehrenkranz 

monday, April 29 Drasha

by Rabbi Uriel Nashofer

monday, April 29 Pre-Mincha Shiur

by Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz

monday, April 29 Pre-Maariv Dvar Torah

by Rabbi Uriel Nashofer

tuesday, April 30 Drasha

by TBD

tuesday, April 30 Pre-Mincha Shiur

by Rabbi Matisyahu Hollander

tuesday, April 30 Pre-Maariv Dvar Torah

by Rabbi Nosson Fromowitz 


Upcoming Events

May 17-18 - scholar-in-residence weekend with rabbi hanoch teller

june 13 - young israel's annual siyum on shihsa sidrei mishnah



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