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Simchas Torah Evening

candle lighting (not before) 7:37 pm

maariv 7:07 pm

hakafos to follow on the front plaza

Outdoor Seudas Kiddush

generously sponsored by

adina & brad karasik

in memory of the upcoming yahrzeit of

brad’s mother, shirley karasik

l'iluy Nishmas, sara chana bas refael a’h

Simchas Torah Toy Raffle

generously sponsored by 

Chaya Miriam & Zecharia Steiner 

in memory their parents, l'iluy nishmas:

yaakov ben yeshayahu klein z’l

rivka breindel bas tzvi simcha klein a’h

moshe yechezkal ben yisroel steiner z’l

who ensured that the joy of torah and mitzvos were always a priority in their childrens' lives.

Simchas Torah Day

shacharis             8:45 am

hakafos to follow under the yiom tent

on the simcha patio

Outdoor Seudas Kiddush

generously sponsored by

Judy & Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Davidovics


Deena & Noam Davidovics

in memory of the yahrtzeit of their father and grandfather david ben avraham abish z’l who passed away 10 years ago on simchas torah.

               mincha                  6:30 pm

                   neilas hachag   6:45 pm

                   maariv                   7:30 PM

                   havdalah             7:35 pm 

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