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Welcome to the
Young Israel of Memphis


Rabbi Akiva Males, Rabbi 
Steven Schwartzberg, President
Eileen Segal, Executive Director

Shavuos 5783-2023

Erev Shavuos

  7:44 PM - candle ligthing/mincha


shavuos rush with the Memphis Kollel followed by siyum

  1:15-2:00 Am - rabbi Zions "What Can Torah do for me?"

  2:15-3:00 am - rabbi Braha "The Secret Behind the Nodeh B'Yehuda"

  3:15-4:00 am - rabbi Grunwald "The Meaning of Mitzvat Kibud Horim"

  4:15-5:00 am - rabbi males "Torah, The Moon Landing, and E.T."

chavrusa learning 

special youth program with rabbi gelb

learning sponsored by Robin and Brent Powers on the 1st Yartzeit of their son Asher Powers, l'ilui Nishmas Asher Binyamin ben Lev 

learning refreshments sponsored by bracha & frank udelsohn

Shavuos Day 1

    5:08 am - hashkama

   8:45 am - shacharis 

Ice Cream Kiddush 

sponsored by sarah & menachem davis in memory of sarah's grandfather, jack erlich - liluy nishmas yaakov meir ben asher z'L

ladies' Shavuos Shiur

5:00 PM - given by mrs. talia kahn entitled "The Secret of Success"

Pre-Mincha Shiur

6:30 PM - given by rabbi  Fromowitz entitled "Demistifying Krias HATorah"

    7:00 pm - Candles/mincha followed by shiur given by rabbi Weiner

    8:30 pm - maariv  

Shavuos Day 2

   8:45 am - shacharis

   10:30 am - yizkor

Siyum Hamishnayos followed by Luncheon

Pre-Mincha Shiur

7:05 PM - given by rabbi rossman 

entitled "“How the Angels Tried to Stop Matan Torah and Why They Failed"


  7:35 pm - mincha followed by ne'ilas hachag

  8:49 pm - maariv followed by Havdalah

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