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Welcome to the
Young Israel of Memphis


Rabbi Akiva Males, Rabbi 
Steven Schwartzberg, President
Eileen Segal, Executive Director

Parshas Behar-Bechukosai

Shabbos Youth Programming 

Rabbi Yaakov Gelb, Youth Director 

Candle Lighting & Mincha  7:00 pm

          shacharis                  8:45 am

          mincha gedolah   3:00 pm

          Mincha                       7:25 pm

          maariv                        8:38 pm

          Havdalah                  8:43 pm


Nursery - 8:40-11:00 am

Led by Staff

Main Building Classroom 2

Pre-K3-K Boys - 8:40-11:00 am

Led by sarah kahane

Main Building ECC Classroom 

Pre-K3-K Girls - 8:40-11:00 am

Led by chana weiner

              & Avigayil Safier  

Main Building Classroom 1

1st - 3rd Boys - 8:40-11:00 am

Led by hodaya harary

             & adina schwartzberg 

Annex Classroom 4

1st-2nd Girls - 8:40-11:00 am

Led by Ahuva Davis 

Annex Classroom 1

3rd & 4th girls - 8:40-11:00 am

Led by adina steiner  

Annex Classroom 3

4th - 5th Boys - 9:45-10:45 am

Led by julius besser

Annex Main Room

5th - 8th girls - 10:00-10:45 am

Led by elana kahane

Annex Medrash

Kiddush sponsored by

rabbi naftali & rina zions in honor of the bar mitzvah 

of their son yehoshua

Shabbos Family Learning &

Parsha in the park

Kahane Sanctuary and Greenblatt Beis Medrash at 5:30 PM

sponsored by elaine witty komito on the 5th yahrzeit of her beloved husband larry komito a'h - yehudah leib ben yaakov z'L



Pre-Mincha Shiur

given by rabbi yaakov nissan at 6:55 PM

"the powerful lesson of ben bag bag"

Weekly Events

Sunday Morning - Memphis Kollel's Gala Breakfast & Shiur

Monday & Thursday - Morning Beis Medrash

Tuesday @ 8:15 PM - Choshen Mishpat Shiur (at MHA)

Wednesday @ 2PM - Ladies' Parsha Class

Friday @ 6 PM - Chumash Chaburah 

Upcoming Events 

May 14 @ 7:15 PM - Women's Circle - Taste of Shavous

May 19-20 - scholar-in-residence with rabbi shimshon nadel

May 27 - YIOM's Annual Siyum on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah 

may 30 @ 8 PM - young israel book read "Judaism straight up" 


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