Monday, March 18, 2019
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Rabbi Akiva and Layala Males

Rabbi Akiva Males grew up in Cleveland, OH, and received his Jewish education at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study (W.I.T.S.), and Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim (Rabbinical Seminary of America) based in Queens, NY -- where he received his semicha.

From 2007-2016, Rabbi Males and his wife Layala (nee Feintuch -- of Brooklyn, NY) lived in Harrisburg, PA where he served as rabbi of Kesher Israel Congregation. Aside from his Shul-based responsibilities, he also maintained the Harrisburg community Eruv, offered meaningful Torah study opportunities to diverse audiences, and represented Orthodoxy to the broader Jewish (and non-Jewish) community.  Those -- and many other -- experiences expanded Rabbi Males’ horizons, deepened his Torah / Halachic knowledge, and enabled him to better relate to Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance.

Rabbi Akiva and Layala Males relocated to Memphis in the summer of 2016, and they are thrilled to be part of the Young Israel of Memphis family.

Click Here to see a short video clip of Rabbi Males offering the opening benediction before the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. on April 23, 2008.

Click Here to see a short video clip of Rabbi Males offering the opening invocation before the Tennessee Senate in Nashville, TN on February 13, 2017.


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Tefila Times

Monday March 18, 2019
י"א 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Shacharis: 6:35
Mincha: 6:55
Maariv: 7:25

Tuesday March 19, 2019
י"ב 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Shacharis: 6:35
Mincha: 6:55
Maariv: 7:26

Wednesday March 20, 2019
י"ג 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Ta'anis Esther
Shacharis: 6:20
Mincha: 6:40
Maariv: 7:27
Fast Ends: 7:54

Thursday March 21, 2019
י"ד 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Shacharis: 7:30
Mincha: 1:40
Maariv: 7:30

Friday March 22, 2019
ט"ו 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Shushan Purim
Shacharis: 6:35
Mincha: 6:55
Candlelighting: 6:55

Shabbos March 23, 2019
ט"ז 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Parshas Tzav
Shacharis: 7, 8:45
Mincha: 6:45
Havdala/Maariv: 8:04

Sunday March 24, 2019
י"ז 'אדר ב התשע"ט
Shacharis: 8:00
Mincha: 7:00
Maariv: 7:30